Trading Rules

1.Don't rip me off. I will put a bad trader alert on all trading sites I know.

2.I do not know every single cut, pop, audio drop-out, or static in these recordings.
     I try to list the major defects.

3.If a show won't work, I expect a replacement. Not negotiable. I will do the same.

4.If you contact me about a trade, you send first.

5.If we have traded before, we both send around same time.

6.Please only use high quality media such as Sony, Verbatim. If you send it to me            and it has problems playing I expect a redo.

7.Im trading DVD for DVD, not show for show  

8.Burn no faster than 8x. 

9.After a successful trade, put me on your good traders list. I will do the same for            you.

10.I DON'T SELL BOOTLEGS, so don't EVER ask me to do so!!!